Guinguette – Le déjeuner des canotiers by Renoir

Le déjeuner des canotiers by Renoir (Via Google Art)

The accordion sends out its soft jovial carillon throughout the guinguette. It is Sunday afternoon and everyone is here: Pierre, Marion, Maurice and Alice!

The air is still warm, predicting the prolongation of summer into the first days of autumn. Marion and Alice were uncertain of the weather so they both opted for a light velvet overcoat on top of their light cotton dresses. Pierre and Maurice took off their shirts, showing off their muscular arms to the rest of the party and they haven’t gone unnoticed! The lady leaning on the railing, holding her face with her hand contemplates from afar both gentlemen at our table.

Red wine has been invited to  each table of the guinguette, among with the delicious magret de canard on the menu of the day, the tender green beans and the crispy baguette. We sat down at noon, it is now four and we just ordered coffee. Marion and Maurice had desert, pêche melba for her and café liegois for him, a sweet combination of ice and Chantilly cream.

Alice was interrupted by one of her contenders, François. Leaning close to her with open arms, he has been making her giggle and blush for a while. She is not the only who is being courted. Madeleine, a friend of ours at  the next table cannot hide her embarrassment before two men openly flirting with her. And Marion? What about Marion? She picked up a new friend too! The cute little dog trotting around in the guinguette is now on the table, staring with astonishment  at  the lady pretending to want a kiss from a dog.

Where is the afternoon taking us? Lazy and sated, we might order a digestif  after our coffees. Not wanting to leave nor to step into Monday, we rejoice of the present time together, with succulent food, luscious wine and admirable company at the guinguette.

Listen while reading: La Bourrasque by Matticoni Jo

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