Metallic – A Cow in a Landscape by Constant Troyon

A Cow in a Landscape by Constant Troyon

Leaves wriggle like glitter flakes in the background, creating a metallic curtain dropped behind the main character in the first plane.
In this poetic setting, a cow stares suspiciously to her right, directly at us, the viewers, the admirers of the metallic background.
Too intensely drawn into the reverie created by the imaginary movement of the leaves, we didn’t notice the animal slowly advancing towards the center of the scene.

Her acute glance is unsettling. What have we done wrong? Have we upset it? I am not alone in this situation, comrade reading this, you are in it with me!
The cow seems upset by our presence. Perhaps we should go admire nature’s metallic artistic creation elsewhere.
Its pale body coat is sprinkled with brown spots at the point of its hip and along its neck. It is nothing but a normal cow standing before us yet a strange aura emanates from the animal. We do not feel threatened yet sense that we are not welcomed to stay. Defending its territory and preventing human beings from misusing Mother Nature, the cow has clearly no intention of letting us us trespass in the field.

What do you say, fellow viewer and reader, if we ventured to another part of the surroundings? Perhaps a field with trees behind which we could hide and still explore the metallic curtain of which we are so fond.

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