Light and Hope – The Mount of Olives in Jerusalem by Tivadar Kosztka Csontvary

The Mount of Olives in Jerusalem by Tivadar Kosztka Csontvary

The sun awakens in the city of light and hope. At the curve of a road, shadows from the night slip away, fly away in the sky and disappear to let the clarity of a new day reign over Jerusalem.

The Mount of Olives hides spiritual sacred souls, buried under the earth, their spirits shine. They appease distraught beings, console them and turn their hearts to light and hope. Forever alive in the memories of the ones who have lost them, they never left this world.

The saintly aura emanating from the city and the presence of these ancient souls envelop the dwellers and passers-by, cleansing them from their sins and faults. As they enter the purity of the white landscape they are instantly enamored with the pious resonant voices murmuring, directing the movement of their bodies and heartbeats to their prayers.

Beyond the immensity of the sky and within the center of the universe, the buried souls recite their ancestors’ chants. Through rain, snow and winds, they make their way to the wanderers’ vulnerable hearts, who seek for light and implore for hope.

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