Rose Shades Emanating from its Heart – Dream of St.Ursula by Vittore Carpaccio

Dream of St.Ursula by Vittore Carpaccio

The angel will not make any sound, nor will it manifest its presence to the peaceful sleeping human being.

A moment ago , it was dark. In a blink of an eye, everything became enlightened by a rose hue, penetrating the corners of the room up to the ceiling. In the stillness of the night, spirits are taken away from the depths of their dreams, allowing their bodies to rest, and their subconsciouses to wander.

Her hand gently holding her head, the same way she fell asleep, the tender child rests while the angel enters her bedroom and steps silently toward her prey. It will not take long, it will not be painful, but it will change her life forever. The angel follows its master’s orders, appears from nowhere, uninvited with a reassuring aura, and disseminates its invisible poison through the rose shades emanating from its heart.

Not a soul awakes from the passage of the angel. It fulfills its destiny by prolonging the sleep of dreamers, by taking away life and, hand in hand with its victim, taking them into another world.

Gone far away from this world, we will never see, touch, or smile at them again. Asleep forever is how we will henceforth think, miss or love them.

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