Eir, waiting for her next battle – Isolde by Gaston Bussiere

Isolde by Gaston Bussiere

Eir returns, triumphant. In the chaos of the battle, she found enough strength to fight until the end. She used her sword and will to return victorious from the underworld where all surrenders to its doom.

Leading a crowd of men, she valiantly rode her white horse to war and showed the thousands of souls how to be brave. Her face was flayed, her arms were burnt, her stomach was hit, but instead of screaming out her pain, she yelled her power and her ambition, hoping that it would reach her army in the tempest of hatred.

There was no time  o rest, no time to feed herself, or recover from her wounds. She defied normality by prolonging her desire to live and conquering the lands for her lineage. Being a woman isn’t a reason to refuse combat. The Norse gods and goddesses have not instructed their people that way. The pride which inhabits each individual is greater than the will to remain alive, for dying in battle for the sake of one’s land is how one enters the realm of the Gods.

Eir has returned safe and sound from her struggles and now awaits her next battle.

Listen while reading: You shall not enter Valhalla – The Vikings Soundtrack

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