King of the skies – A Greenland, or Gyr Falcon by Archibald Thorburn

A Greenland, or Gyr Falcon by Archibald Thorburn

The falcon stares, majestic and powerful. In the unsettling silence of the highest mountains of the world, the predator surveils its next prey from afar. Never resting, always alert, it hunts to survive and survives to ensure a legacy. Its silky white coat spotted with brown marks in the shape of arrows protects the falcon from blizzards. Freezing winds rush through its feathers without affecting the king of the skies. Its sharp claws transpierce flesh and its hooked beak unanimously kills its preys. It is a living danger overshadowing our lands. The king falcon has a great sense of humility which inspires us as human beings. We wish we could be as fierce before our fears, obedient to our urges and stoic in front of the dominating world. Let the spirit of the falcon fill us with majesty and power, and let it guide us to chase our true selves.

Listen while reading: The Angel of Death by The Vikings soundtrack

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