Entwined – The Two Sisters by Theodore Chasseriau

The Two Sisters by Theodore Chasseriau

Entwined as if they were on the verge of being separated, the two black haired sisters are holding their breath. They wear the same clothes every day, honouring their mother who used to dress them identically and ignoring the ones who mock because they cannot comprehend what it feels like to have a twin.

In the same space, a nose can be found alike only a few centimetres away, a mouth replicates its wavy contour and crimson tones on the same porcelain skin of a person sharing the same silhouette as the individual standing next to her.

Their attire is one, their attitude is one, and their mutual love is one. One starts a sentence, the other ends it. Some find this duo strange, others are fascinated by it. More than once, some have tried to part them, only to create rage, despair and revenge in the hearts of the twin sisters.

Their hearts, or is it one heart split in two? Amused by this thought and wishing that it was true, the girls have laid a number of times on the floor, attempting to discover if their heartbeats were synchronized.

Hand-in-hand, staring into each other’s eyes, they listened attentively, and, when the verdict finally came, they took one another in their mutual arms, vowing that nothing would separate them, a single heart split in two, each part in a twin’s body.

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