Punchinello – Carnival Evening by Henri Rousseau

Carnival Evening by Henri Rousseau

“Come close, my Punchinella,”whispers tenderly Punchinello. As she takes his arm and nudges herself in the pit of his waist, he turns his head and shines a smile at her.

Punchinello and his lady friend are walking back from the carnival which was held in the nearest village. It is dawn and the sky is sparse with candy colours. Azure and peach brightens the night, signaling to the moon that it is time to go to bed. During this early morning, the tall trees and the clouds are conversing , perhaps debating the weather of the day, or looking down on the Italian lovers with caring eyes.

The sound of the mandolin playing one last melody echoes from the village, keeping Punchinello and his sweet-heart company as they head back to their homes where they will reminisce the time spent together.

Walking back from the carnival, staring into each other’s eyes, ignoring the spectacle that  is taking place around them, the clouds and the trees watch them pursue their walk enamored with one another.

Listen while reading: Torna A Surriento

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