All eyes on them – Acrobats by Jose de Almada-Negreiros  

Acrobats by Jose de Almada-Negreiros ©Jose de Almada-Negreiros

They twirl, pass in front one another, a smile on their faces. The acrobats know how to contort their bodies, lift a leg, and pirouette with grace and harmony.

The tempo is fast, slow, and fast again. They play with the motions to the rhythm of the accompanying music, glancing seductively to a mesmerized audience. It’s their moment, the reward of all those hours spent rehearsing, suffering, learning without ever doubting the results. Together they have concocted this show, and today each of the acrobats is enjoying the stage. All eyes on them, lights shining, costumes sparkling, they bend their backs, point their feet, and throw their heads in the air.

Performing is the oxygen, the blood which makes their hearts beat. As they stand still, holding the final position, breathless, looking up towards the sky, in this open-air arena, in front of thousands of spectators, they feel alive.

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