Jazz, Coveted Queen – Blue head by Gosta Adrian-Nilsson

Blue head by Gosta Adrian-Nilsson ©Gosta Adrian-Nilsson

A saxophone sends out a low-pitched set of notes. The cymbals announce the tempo. A silhouette emerges from the background.

In the jazz club, past midnight, with a  few other regulars, the man whose large frame we perceive from afar enters the scene and sits on a stool.

A cloud of vapor emanates from the cigarette lit in his fingers, its pale colour contrasts with the man’s bluish skin tone. Under the dimmed lighting, through the darker shadows, the jazz aficionados all appear as if they were starring in a movie from the 60’s.

The atmosphere is subdued, the melody transports its passengers to unknown spheres. The heads accompany the rhythm and the feet gently tap in the air. Jazz is the coveted queen of the night, and by her soft flow and her captivating cadence she charms her audience, making them one by one fall in love with her.

Tonight again, one by one, each listener surrenders to the complexity of the notes and the delicate poems the jazz score secretly narrates.

Listen while reading: Black Orpheus by Gary Smith

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