Typical Parisian – A Lady in Black by Boris Grigoriev

A Lady in Black by Boris Grigoriev

She poses fearlessly in front of the mirror.

Amid the streets of Paris, the passers-by in a hurry walk swiftly ignoring one another. She strolls blasé among the crowd until she sees the reflection of herself.

She cherishes her appearance, starting with  the layers of garments she sports, her proud posture and the impeccable  application of black eyeliner and red lipstick on her stern face.

She adores attracting men’s attention and flustering insecure women. Deep down, she admits hiding her true nature behind this mask she designed for herself. Pretentious , condescending  and arrogant are the adjectives used to describe her wherever she goes, at any time given time of the day.

In front of the mirror she poses femme fatale, typical Parisian, head high up, eyes cast  down. She checks her coat, her lips, and glances at the envious judging her from behind.

She swings her head to the left, stares at the horizon and advances into the crowd, confident yet mysterious in her own way.

Listen while reading: Padam Padam by Edith Piaf

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