They Understood – The Crown of Love by John Everett Millais

The Crown of Love by John Everett Millais

As he held her close to his heart, she clenched her hands together , holding his body close to hers. As their eyes met, so did their souls, and at this moment they understood.

At the foot of the cliff, he found her. She was laying on the ground, inert, halfway into the underworld where death had come to greet her. As the lady took her last breath, surrendering to her new home, she understood.

Just in time, the prince took her hand, uttered undecipherable words to a woman he barely knew. She suffocated for a mere instant and as she came back to life, feeling a touch of warmth, she understood.

Ignoring his purpose, his duties and his role, the prince seized the lady’s thighs and back, smelling the scent on her skin, feeling her hair brushing his cheek, and sensing deep in his heart that something has forever changed.

As they are reborn from their unspoken and innocent union, they vow to never forget how they have desperately searched, relentlessly prayed and never ceased to imagine what they have come to understand.

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