Grandiose – Renaud dans les jardins d’Alcine by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Resting quietly on soft beige sand, a group greets their newly arrived friend . They have been laying for a while, amusing one another with anecdotes and charades. The atmosphere is festive and effervescent. Some of the ladies have pulled down the top of their dresses, letting their shoulders bathe in the sun, hoping for a golden touch of colour.

Bodies are at ease, elongated on the ground, the sun is at its zenith, and the sky reflects its azure tones in the courtesans' sapphire eyes.

Finally! His Lordship has arrived. In his army uniform, he appears grandiose. The hat, cape, and sword he sports proudly wakes the romantic interest in each courtesan of the day. They hold his arm, follow his steps admiringly. The muslin swishes around his Lordship and softens his masculine manners, allowing sprinkles of joy  to escort his potent gait.

The breeze is warm, sweetened by the ladies' exotic jasmine perfumes. Shy giggles cover the sound of the waves lashing the coast. All is spontaneity, freedom and innocence.

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