Far away – Das Riesengebirge by Caspar David Friedrich

Das Riesengebirge by Caspar David Friedrich (Via Oxpal.com)

The sun sets in a land far away.

Away from noise, closer to silence. The leaves susurrate in the wind’s last breaths, the water purrs in between two abrupt cliffs, and the horizon echoes calmness in the twilight’s infinity.

Mother Nature has calmed her agitated children, has eased their souls and quietened their minds. The sky, spreading its rose shadows over the lake’s rocking waters, announces that soon, it will be dark.

The night will dispel the tormented spirits, offering them serenity when they were convinced that nothing better would come along. The night will transport the tired creatures of this earth to magical unknown lands. In a moment, the world will be quiet, embarked on a voyage where no limits are set and no dreams are in vain.

Heartbeats will slow down, eyelids will close, and the moon will imperceptibly replace the sun, in a land far, far away.

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