Dryades – The Storm Spirits by Evelyn De Morgan

The Storm Spirits by Evelyn De Morgan © The De Morgan Centre, London

From the underworld, the Dryades awake. Nymphs of the trees, they guard their green treasures. Agitated and worried, they have risen from the dark to manifest their anger to the world. Gods, goddesses, mortals, titans, giants, all are the cause for their turmoil.

Surrounded by their natural beauty, wearing the lightest muslin draperies, and sporting their most prominent wings, they are at war with whomever  disrespects their territories. In the rainbow of clouds left by their passage in the sky, living creatures tremble with fear and instantly regret the presence of the Nymphs. The three half-women half-creatures appear gentle and innocent, but their powers are strong, and their determination to defend the wellbeing of their children, the trees, incommensurable.

On the mountain tops , the thunderstorm roars, the air is ice cold, and the mood tense. The Dryades, by alerting multiple senses, are sending a warning. They will glide through the skin of anyone who disdains their trees, and infiltrate the deepest areas of their beings, causing irreparable damage to their souls.


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