Christmas – Sitzendes Mädchen mit einer Katze by Albert Anker

Sitzendes Mädchen mit einer Katze by Albert Anker

Spots, stripes, and lines animate the light grey and cream background, which is enhanced by the girl’s golden hair, and the wicker basket on the wooden table. The rays filtering in  from outside enlighten the entire room, warming the girl’s blushing cheeks. This sunny cold winter day creates a jovial atmosphere. Both sisters are sitting at their mother’s side, one practicing the piano, the other her knitting skills.

She wishes to complete a cardigan for her father by herself. She has worked on it twice a day, before going to school and at night before going to bed, with the intent of offering it as a Christmas present. Her weekends have been devoted to the confection of her gift. Her mother thinks she is on schedule so she is reassured that she will finish on time.

If only she wasn’t so distracted! She often daydreams, staring out from the window. Today she was determined to have a big chunk done by lunchtime but the kitten would not leave her alone. Intrigued by the thread of wool and needles, it kept wanting to play.

It is her mother who decided to assist her daughter by entertaining the kitten on her lap. From across the room, the girl stares at both of them longingly,  loses herself within her thoughts, and, despite her will to work hard and make herself proud, she stares off  into space as her cheeks crimson further.


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