It is a realm of beauty – Florinda by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Florinda by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (Via MetMuseum)

It is a realm of beauty, where white muslins and satin fabrics blend with each other to swathe porcelain skins. Hair unfolds onto shoulders to meet the rims of a fold, cascading into a million pleats, caressing arched backs before evanescing onto bare feet. The sweet perfume emanating from the pleats of skin and fabric infuses the air, creating a bubble of sugary scents – vanilla, jasmine, and other oriental deliciousness. The warm air welcomes the giggles and high-pitched voices coming from the splendorous necks and the carmine coloured lips.

In a country far, far away guarded by a castle and surrounded by an abundance of flora, eleven Goddesses bathe at the foot of a pond. In their purest form, their souls converse, sing enchanted melodies to each other, move with sensuousness, and stare into each others eyes with compassion.

This mirage may not be real, but as long as I have my imagination with which to dive into the creation of such a beautiful spectacle, I only want to close my eyes and dream.  

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