Something to confess – A walk in the garden Max Kurzweil

A walk in the garden Max Kurzweil

The leaves hiss in the wind, and the grass fold under the two lovers’s steps. The air is warm yet the early afternoon breeze refreshes the atmosphere. In a landscape made of soft greens, a man and his young bride take a stroll. Nature surrounds the lady’s stern black dress and the gentleman’s revamped trousers, giving them aspirations to make new decisions for their future lives together. She stares into space while he contemplates the ground. She has something to say, and he awaits patiently. She is the trouble maker, and he is the patient husband who repairs mistakes and makes everything better. They live peacefully in a modest home close to a stream. She takes care of the house while he laboriously grows the farm. Why does she has this apprehensive look on her face? She has something marvellous to confess yet she acts as if it was the end of the world. He has been nothing but caring and attentive. Perhaps she fears that he is not ready, or that they won’t have enough money to face this new life they are about to live. His arm is her rock, and as she leans her head on his body while following his footstep, appreciative of the wind blowing through her hat, reassured by the warmth invading her body, she wonders in her head and stare into space.

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