I walk silently – Invention of a Dream by Richard Oelze

Invention of a Dream by Richard Oelze

All the eyes watching you. All the faces looking in your direction. They scare me. Why do all these people stare at me? I never want to be seen, to bother or worse to hurt. I am walking alone, unnoticed, the way it is supposed to be. Taking actions at times engender these kinds of situation, when everyone observe and make me feel like I am too present, too alive. These persons are not my friends. This is my belief and as long as they don’t take notice, I walk silently.

Some people blend in, crave the attention, and long for the moment they will meet another individual. The eyes beg for a conversation to commence. The topic, the tone, and the grin need to be balanced and constantly evaluated. What about a deeper connection? I ask myself. The one which doesn’t need words, tonality nor a physical act. This one seems to have become a manufacture of my aspirations, hopes and dreams. In a world where eyes stare and wait impatiently to be nourished, a non visual conversation has little chance to occur. Meanwhile, I will walk silently, head down, praying I won’t have to meet any of those hungry eyes.

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