Salty Tears – Pity by William Blake

Pity by William Blake

“My Lord, please here my supplications and resuscitate this human being from the tunnel of Death. It is not too late My Lord, only you can sublime her soul, and turn her faults into redemption.”

In the twilight, an Angel flies into the sky. Riding its white powerful horse, it passes the clouds, overcomes the tips of the mountains, and twirls around the moon. As it approaches the border of the ocean, it notices a lifeless lady laying on the floor. Her blond curly hair, her crimson lips, and her pale porcelain skin sparkled from afar, blinding the Angel’s eyes. At her feet, a tiny creature gestures and whispers to itself. As they both look to each other, the little life form opens its arms and says:

“My name is Pity My Lord, and I implore you to save this soul”. Its head bows and as the Angel reaches out, it starts to cry.

“Enough” ordered the Angel “or the ocean will overflow with your tears”. In between two breaths, the tiny creature glances at the Angel and realizes that despite its aggressive tone, its eyes are filled with compassion and respect.

“There is no need to cry or to beg little man, this young Lady will remain asleep forever, as she has chosen to be”. Upon those words, the tiny creature feels tears running on his face, incessantly.

“I will let you cry dear little person, as I understand your pain. I will remove some of the water so the ocean can replenish with your tears”.

Listen while reading: The Council of Elrond – feat “Aniron Theme for Aragon and Arwen”, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings

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