He sings his love – O Fado by José Malhoa

O Fado by José Malhoa

In the warmth of a summer evening, the melody of a guitar blended with a man’s voice and the whispers of a woman disseminate across the village. She wears a loose blouse, her favourite red long skirt with the motifs on the trim, and a green shawl wrapped around her left arm. He likes to think his red and white tie suits him well with whatever other clothes he wears. Tonight he had wanted to look elegant for the woman he plans on charming.

Leaning on the table, nonchalantly holding a cigarette in her right hand, her face placed on her left hand, she delves into the moment. Syncing the movements of her body with the tempo of the guitar, she almost drops her black shoe from the bench where her suitor serenades. He engages with the music, closing his eyes to find the perfect sounds to charm the woman who he believes will never see in him a decent husband. Her position reveals her comfort around the man, and perhaps she is too much at ease. Without realizing he sings his love to her, this man opening his heart, gifting her with the only present he can afford, she listens carelessly to the Fado.

Listen while reading: Tu Nao me digas by Celeste Rodrigues


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