An eye, a beak, and a boat – Suite Ocells by Joan Ponç

Suite Ocells by Joan Ponç

An eye, a beak, and a boat. In a light grey background, through fine pastel colour weaves, shapes appear. A half-drawn bird unevenly perched on the edge of a boat tries to make conversation with an eye. The bird’s head and beak embrace the perspective of a blue textured moon. In the hues of rose, yellow, and beige, the eye hides its black, dark as a glass bead, pupil.

“I am lost, talk to me” vociferates the bird. Drawn into its own melancholy, the eye doesn’t turn around to look at the bird. It stares into space, oblivious of the world around it. It has forgotten how beautiful it was from the outside to only focus on its inner life. It has been going around in circles for quite some time now.

“HIIII HAAAA! Can you hear me! Over here! I am lost” still hoots the bird. The eye has given up. On life, and on anything besides itself. Thinking that no one cares, it has come to believe that there is no point in looking around and trying to make eye contact. Therefore, it became sadder as the years went by. At first it happened sporadically, and then more frequently. A tear, here and there, fell off its round shape, and plunged into space.

“I am lost! For the love of G.od, can you help me!! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed you!” shrieked the bird, using all the energy it has left. After months of empty conversations with the eye, the latter finally angles its pupil to the left and sees the bird, then sees the boat, and then sees the world.

The bird on the boat, pointing its beak towards the sky, has been dangling on the sea of tears the eye cried over the years.

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