Sisters – Courage, Anxiety, and Despair Watching the Battle by James Sant

Courage, Anxiety, and Despair Watching the Battle by James Sant

Three women hide behind a rock. In the depths of terror, feeble and petrified, they protect each other from blood and death. One of them holds a sharp knife, while the other seizes the hem of her dress. Their skins are pale, and their eyes unveil their tiresome journey through corpses and graves. Danger is ubiquitous in their lives, and the tension in between them is palpable. They haven’t slept nor eaten in days. Worried for their lives, they cannot be apart. They would succumb if they couldn’t feel each other’s love.

The three sisters have always lived that way. Never spared from pain, always tormented, they have accepted that fear is part of their destiny and that nothing will change their fate.

Sometimes, they catch themselves dreaming of a better world, where their heart could love without being hurt, their soul could hope without being disillusioned, and their body could heal from their wounds. Alas! The three beautiful sisters, both inside and out will never find peace, other than in each other.

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