Under a Spell – The Meeting of Oberon and Titania by Arthur Rackham

The Meeting of Oberon and Titania, 1908 (Shakespeare) Art Print by Arthur Rackham (Via Kingandmcgaw)

The Queen has arrived. Escorted by her fairies holding her golden train, she advances, poised, until she reaches the Prince, and delves into his eyes. Her luminous crown placed on her forehead holds her dark thick black hair, and her otherworldly transparent wings follow the motions of her body. Her sleeve has dropped to her elbow, revealing her porcelain skin, and her delicate frame. Her dainty fingers grip the spectre tight, her entire presence exults confidence. Next to her, two little fairies hold the lanterns which have magically led everyone into the depths of the forest. More little helpers stand behind Her Majesty, they proudly hold their own lanterns, alert, ready to defend their Queen.

She whispers or sings in a charming melody the words she has to say. Her voice is like an enchantment, a soothing lullaby to anyone’s ears. She is always followed by twinkling stars, they protect her from the Evil minds of human beings who inhabit this Earth. As she trusts and sees the good in everything, the stars bewitch whoever intends to harm the Queen.

Standing in front of her, dazed and in shock to be facing such a beauty, the Prince is motionless. He breathes lightly as he doesn’t want to be an unwanted presence to the Queen, who has come to ask the Prince and his Royal subjects to cease their weekly hunting excursions in the forest. “I do not think the animals deserve you being harmful to them, after all they have not done anything to you. Am I right, Prince?”

But the Prince’s mind has already drifted off, taken away by the twinkling stars. Unable to speak, he nods. The Queen smiles and the Prince’s heart melts, his body feels warm, he knows that whatever words the Queen pronounces, she is right.

Seeing that the Prince agrees with her, Her Majesty blinks at the two fairies at her side. “Off we go” she sings across the twilight. The Prince steps aside, and the Queen continues her journey to other lands, leaving the scent of rose and jasmine behind her, enchanting and forever unforgettable.



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