Hollow World – Points of Contact No 1 by Victor Pasmore

Points of Contact No. 2 by Victor Pasmore (Via Tate)

Here they come, here they go! A cloud of small dots appears on the left, disappears from my sight, and reappears again on the right. Oh! These living tiny things, they make my head spin, and my heart beat too fast. Together, always united, they create odd shapes and never cease to surprise their audience. They are reminiscent of a group of ice-skaters gliding through snowflakes dust. Proud and generous, they twirl and swirl in the wind, unafraid and quite mischievous in fact.

There! They have trapped passers-by in the web of their incessant movement. How does it feel to be imprisoned in a pear-shaped energy bubble? I wish I was there, in the midst of an abstract phenomenon, one which is hard to describe, one which is coveted from within. The only way I can describe this moment is by relating to the comfort felt while being trapped, yet adorned by a multitude of particles protecting us from the hollowness of the outside world. Without a sound, and with the speed and agility of a gazelle, the small dots find their way in space, pure and malicious at the same time. While watching them, I learn how to create a comforting place for myself. In my mind, my imagination delves into another world, where I can create a pear-shaped bubble and trap myself to protect my from the hollowness of the outside world.

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