Creature of Nature – Vertumnus (Emperor Rudolph II) by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Vertumnus (Emperor Rudolph II) by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Playfully looking at us with its dark olive eyes, the creature of nature sports its creative attire with pride.

“I am one of a kind” he says in a benevolent grave voice tone.

“But I was like you before”. He sighs looking down at his fruit and vegetable gown. Our astonished reaction must have stroke him, as he continues to explain.

“You see, I was taking care of all kinds of beautiful plants in my garden when it occurred to me that nature and especially flora is the essence of beauty. They do not ask for much. A couple of drops of water here and there, and yet they grow how they are supposed to be. Their appearance defines the colour palette of this world, and their texture is composed of million different touches which are identifiable in any product made by human beings. Florae do not quarrel, nor do they ask for anything in return of human kind who constantly admires them. Pure and unapologetic are the characteristics of nature which led me to wish, dream, and ask day and night to become one of them.” A tear drop falls down his peaches cheeks, and as he wipes it off with its mutant hands, he adds.

“One day, unaware of the time I had been staring at the magnificence of their beauty, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I thought my fruits and vegetables had been growing rapidly overnight, as there were so many of them covering the ground. My body was buried in colours and as I tried to move away from the heaps of plants, I realized that I could not detach myself from it. I had become an accumulation of my fantasy. My view on the world changed, and I was no longer feeling negative emotions. Anger and irritation had swept away, and I was left with calmness and tolerance.”

Uncovering its pomegranate teeth, and rising its asparagus moustache, the creature of nature smiles timidly. The flowers, fruits, and vegetables which ornate his once upon a time human body reveals his free-spirited essence, the one he had and the one he will forever have as a creature of nature.

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