Carcass and creatures – Gynandrologie by Jaroslav Serpan

Gynandrologie by Jaroslav Serpan

Have you ever wondered what happened to the body of a lost loved one in its grave?

The carcass is devoured. Mischievous little hands grab the ruins of what previously inhabited the living soul. It is now a pile of bones, inert, laying on the ground. The arid weather has dried out the blood and the flesh out of the cartilage, and the heat has burned the extremities of some of the angles. Soft and wrinkled, the texture melts slowly, and as it does, mysterious creatures crawl on its surface, penetrating a body which once breathed and lived. Attacked from the top to the bottom, the destiny of this corpse is meant to vanish. Why isn’t the body of a departed disintegrated, cancelled or erased from this world? Bones and carcasses do not honour the memories and the recollection of souvenirs once shared with a loved one who left. Yet this is how it gets reduced to dust, buried deep down in the ground. Creatures creep, fearless, on the body and nourish themselves with the flesh, until they hit the hard texture of the bones. They don’t hurt the deceased, nor do they mean to be harmful. The soul has already left the body, the grave, the world, the skies. Soon there won’t be any more physical, tangible elements to hold on to remind ourselves how much we miss and love the one who passed away. Thoughts, images, and dreams will remain. Rare to catch, hard to keep close. The body remains, and the soul evades, leaving us with hungry crawling innocent creatures.


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