Dazed – Bird in Space by Constantin Brancusi

Bird in Space by Constantin Brancusi

Up in the sky, a bird dashes into the clouds. Here it comes through the branches of the trees, and here it is, grazing the daisies’ petals. They wriggle after its passage, feeling amused and charmed by the brisk of air caressing their white bodies. “Where is it going?” They ask dazed, looking at one another.

The bird doesn’t look back, it traces its way in the landscape made of trees, bushes, and flowers. So discreet, not one being could hear it. So fast, not one being could follow it. So lithe, not one being could catch it. The bird flies so fast it sometimes scares himself. Never mind the danger, it trusts its wings to take it anywhere it wants to go. From far away, the silhouette of an arrow draws into the sky. Elegant and graceful, the shape accompanies the bird wherever it goes, from dawn to twilight, from the ground to the skies.

Here it comes again, this time through thin rain drops falling abundantly onto the little bird’s body. Without fear, it hustles its way into the rain, making the drops twirl on themselves. “How rude!” They acclaim dazed, looking at one another.

Listen while reading Concerto for Alto Saxophone, Rondo alla Marcia: Allegro Brioso by Ingolf Dahl  

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