Oppressive aura – Burnham Overy Staithe by Norman Ackroyd

Burnham Overy Staithe by Norman Ackroyd (Via ZillahBell Gallery)

In the midst of haze and fog, a sinuous line traces its way to unknown territories. It grasps the foam from the waves sinking onto the sand, and begins its journey through the space. The sky and the land blend together to form one entity. The atmosphere is darkened by grey clouds and the wind keeps them close to the ground, creating an oppressive aura in which it is painful to breathe. Has the sun come out yet, or has it already set? The luminosity is weak and our eyes, with which we can barely see, struggle to catch some rays of lights.
As we spiral into an abysmal quest, we desperately attempt to find a way out from the blur. It is unclear why we are attracted to the depths and the dark while searching for a beam of light, the same way we would gasp for a breath of air. There is nothing else we can do, hoping for outside help would be vain as there is no one in sight. So we dig into this mysterious landscape which reflects our inner-self. We blindly follow the sinuous line, stride the top of the waves, hit hard the ground and crawl on the sand, towards the infinite horizon made of doubts and void.

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