And then it rises again – British Columbia by Emily Carr

British Columbia by Emily Carr

The curtain fell.

And then it rose again. The background ultimately changed to a swirl of forest colours and fluffy textures. The skies reached the earth and now interweave, blending their shapes, as if they wish to become one entity. Water, trees, grass and sky, have interchanged their usual space to create a new world. Ocean waves have replaced branches on trees, and freshly cut grass travels high in the sky. The creamy tops of snowy mountains play with the innocent ripples of a river, and the depths of a tumultuous sea are in an intense conversation with a centenary tree. In this new landscape of rearranged elements, the world still feels familiar, even if it is upside down. The sinuous lines of the water, the sky and nature act as a reassuring presence. They guide the eyes and give an impression of warmth on a hostile planet.
The scene is made of depth, and as one advances towards the back of the painting, one can feel they are about to enter a mysterious parallel world.
We, who are staying on this side of the painting will never experience this new world. As the layers of the painting blend and circulate in slow motion, one towards the other, the final curtain falls. And then it rises again.

Listen while reading Avril 14th (Arr. By Christian Badzura) by Aphex Twin

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