Burning her fears – Fortune-teller with a candle by Orest Kiprensky

Fortune-teller with a candle by Orest Kiprensky

The fortune teller stares at the light coming from the candle she is holding. She rests her eyes by watching the golden flame spreading its benevolence. Her mind too has stopped wandering. The fortune teller is not inventing stories, she digs deep within herself to connect with spirits and secret worlds. At times, she doesn’t know where her soul is taken too. She embarks in secret voyages and comes back to the surface to relate what she has witnessed. She reappears in this life through her voice and her words. Not a witch, neither a marabou, money doesn’t interest her. What feeds her is the intimacy of another being’s secrets and delving into the depths of an unmaterialized world called divination.
The room she consults in is draped in red velvet curtains and filled with ancient books. A few candles are placed sporadically on the table on which she reads the cards and the crystal ball. She has made it a habit of wearing a shell necklace, laced around her neck, she believes it protects her from demons and nightmare beasts. Sometimes she can hear them crawling in her sleep. They come to haunt her at unexpected hours. They are the residue of previous encounters in parallel worlds. Some of those creatures are after her because of her odd beauty, her motherly attention, or simply her connection with the Earth. She chases them away by seeking protection from the intensity of a flame, it lights her soul and burns her fears.


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