Left right, left right – Black Zag I by Louise Nevelson

Black Zag I by Louise Nevelson

Left right, left right. Lost in the maze of life we take a turn when we are told to. Although we are not robots, something makes me think that we are.

Left right, left right. What if I turned right instead of left? No one does that here, no one ever crosses lines. Everyone lives in this pre-constructed world.

Left right, left right. Have you ever thought you were going around in circles, encountering the same situations over and over again? It’s a maze! No, it’s life.

Left right, left right. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable they say. But how am I supposed to diverge from my original path if I follow a never-ending maze?  Not allowed to stop and think, always moving forward.

Left right, left right. Please let me go right instead of left this time. Let me change the way things are. No! Having order is important, you will get lost if you change direction. It’s not just about trusting myself, because I do. It’s about trusting that they will trust that I trust myself.

Left right, left right. Is the world really round? It seems like it’s made of angles. Here you go, walk in zig zags, you are allowed. But a zig zag is still two lines and a corner. That’s all you get.

Left right, left right. The world is made of major scales, minors are not well tolerated here. The score is supposed to be understandable by everyone, adding variations to the melody makes it harder for the mass to comprehend.

Left right, left right. I am not the mass! I am my own individual!

Left right left right. I want.

Left right, left right. To think.

Left right, left right. By my.

Left right, left right. Self. M.

Left right, left right. Y.

Left right, left right. Sel.

Left right, left right. F.

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