It purrs and purrs – Leopard by Antonio Ligabue

Leopard by Antonio Ligabue

One by one, its limbs straddle the high ferns. Proud and sly, the leopard demonstrates its agility and strength. It purrs and purrs.

It made its way in the middle of the night, into the depth of the jungle. Boasting a powerful and an insolent attitude, it mocks any other animal in sight, and it purrs and purrs.

No other being is allowed to come its way. Its paws are gigantic and its canines are sharp. It purrs and purrs.

Quick and smart, it knows how to move away fast or jump into an imminent danger. Although it has no allies in the jungle, it has no enemies either, and it purrs and purrs.

From afar, the residents of the jungle can feel its tension, while it purrs and purrs.

Majestic, grandiose, and unattainable, it advances in the night, its limbs moving simultaneously, its body moving from left to right laterally. It purrs and purrs.

Its almond shaped predatory black eyes stare at our round scared human eyes. It has stopped purring.

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