A world of their own, made of romance and sensuality – Greek Girls Picking up Pebbles by Frederic Leighton

Greek Girls Picking up Pebbles by Frederic Leighton

The light silk muslin plays games with the tenacious winds. As the creases create a sinuous shape, the air find its way into the pleats and folds. The winds, in a selfish impulse wish to take the fabric away. Soft and voluptuous, the muslin slips from the winds’ serenades. Ungraspable and imperturbable, it follows its freedom, away from the winds’ tireless circles and twirls.

The infinite lengths of muslin floating in the winds are tamed by four goddesses picking up pebbles on the beach. As the sun sets on the Greek Island, the ladies have decided to look for the most formidable pebbles. They will use each one to meditate and express their gratitude to life. As they bend to search the sand with their graceful hands, the muslin evades. To new heights, it flirts with the winds, and then comes back, hiding maliciously into its mistress’ opulent bodies. The ladies have uncovered their feet and their arms, leaving the rest of their bodies mysteriously hidden by a halo. The muslin uses its delicacy and transparency to embrace the curves, and reveals the goddesses as untouchable symbols of femininity.

To enhance the obvious beauty of the four gems inhabiting the landscape, the winds have gathered purple clouds and have shifted the sky’s original blue colour to light rose hues. As the ladies, innocent and frail under their imposing charms, search for the perfect pebble, the winds and the silk muslin create a world of their own, made of romance and sensuality.

Listen while reading: “Closing Credits – A Beautiful Mind/Soundtrack Version”

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