Water Nymphs – A Dream in the Forest by Hans Zatzka

A Dream in the Forest by Hans Zatzka

Enchantresses, the fairies arise from the water. Half-angels, half-mermaids, they wear vaporous chiffon dresses enhanced with flower garlands. They have appeared like a mirage, emerged from the depths of the forest, from the dark abyss of the pond, languorously moving their frail bodies. Their hair smells like roses and their skins has the taste of sugar. Their perfume embalms the air, and the sun shimmers on their silhouettes. They laugh timidly and their delicious voices echo like a charming melody, reaching the entire skies. As they make their way into the heart of the forest, birds chirp and trees agitate their branches. Flora and fauna, both welcome the water nymphs like queens.

The naiads have arisen to spread tender and kindness over the sleeping lady’s dreams. She cannot see them and can only feel their affection inhabiting her soul. The sentiments materialize in the form of flowers, which are gently laid on her body by the fairies. “Is this how heaven feels like?” she subconsciously asks herself. She never wants to leave nor does she wishes to open her eyes again. Spiralling through comfort and love, she feels as if she was flying far away, in a world where water nymphs appear from nowhere to open their hearts to the troublesome dreamers.

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