The Rain – Shower by Kitagawa Utamaro

Shower by Kitagawa Utamaro

Two women and a man are running away. Barefoot, their soles anchor the moist ground leaving an imprint which disappears minutes after their passage. The rain is responsible for the humid grass and for their quenched clothes. Luckily, they found an umbrella and used it to shelter their faces. One of the women is fully made up and even has her hair done, she is the one who needs to be protected. She holds the umbrella tight, because the winds are strong and the sooner she reaches home, the better it will be. The man rushing behind the two ladies seems concerned, his head turned back, he makes sure they are all running fast enough to avoid the danger coming their way. He couldn’t find anything else than a scarf to wrap his head around, and protect him from the raindrops.
Drops are lines on this picture, and they appear scary and painful. They cover the landscape, hide the bushes, while never touching the skin, or clothes of the three characters. They are sparse from the hurtful rain, hitting the ground like an avalanche of pikes shot from the sky.
All three characters follow the same stride, light and discreet, they dash barefoot on the grass, leaving no imprints behind. Out of breath, they will continue their journey until they reach home where it is warm and quiet.

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