Phantomatic – La Cena by López García

La Cena by López García

The eyes follow an invisible line. Not really looking at anything, but somehow captivated by a phantomatic matter floating on the horizon. The rest of the body is paralyzed, unable to move despite the mechanical movements inscribed in the simple act of eating. Has the brain been caught by a thought, an old memory which came back to haunt this present moment, or by the necessity to step out of the body, out of this room, out of this time, out of this life? Has any of you, like myself, not wanted to hit pause and wander within yourselves, ceasing all interactions with the outside world for an instant?

The family is having dinner. Together they laugh, and savour the foods as well as each other’s company. In this modest home, everyone participates to the merry atmosphere which resides in each of the house’s rooms and in each of the dweller’s hearts. They live humbly and take pleasure in the simplest acts. A fresh piece of bread, a smile, a rejoicing piece of news from the neighbour, is enough to fill their souls with joy.

Travelling to another dimension, the girl left the colours of her body to take refuge within the darkness of her mind. She still exists through her flesh and her beating heart, but her attention is somewhere else. A place which, when found, makes you want to stay forever and never come back.

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