Unknown spheres, Sweet Surrender by Carly Ashdown

Sweet Surrender by Carly Ashdown (Via Castle Galleries)

A frail silhouette falls in front of our eyes. She floats like an angel, held safe by the winds swathing her in soft layers of air. As she descends to unknown spheres, the clouds cover her fine body, leaving the rest of her delicate skin naked, and her hair wild, dancing in the skies. Abandoned to her thoughts and sensations, alone in the empty space, she can feel her heart beating fast, creating a safe rhythm she can trust.
She never knew in herself where this would take her. Unable to breathe, she surrendered her past and her future to which ever present she would have to face. Her spleen, once filled with sorrow, is now clear. Light and attached to nothing but her soul, she follows her beliefs. Guided by the incessant stomping noise of her heart, she thanks the wind, and the clouds for the layers of air and cotton. “This is what home feels like”, she whispers. She cannot be heard by anyone, so she lets herself fall deeper, unafraid, to unknown spheres.

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