One might think, One might ask – Untitled by Sam Francis

Untitled by Sam Francis (via Bernard Jacobson Gallery)

Rings and splashes of paint share the same space. They twirl and wriggle as if they were small fishes trapped in a few millilitres of water gasping for fresh air. The intense heart found in the shape of a dark coloured circle animates each ring, transforming it into a living organ. Blue predominates the palette, but at times, pink, yellow, and green interfere with the composition. The splashes express themselves in a million of small dots. Agitated, they create life in the landscape which was once calm and peaceful. The energy which comes out from this painting is dynamic and unstoppable.

Are these just a couple of circles, perhaps unintentional paint bursts, and a simple colour scheme applied on a canvas? One might think.

Perhaps they are. Yet the result captivates the eye and the soul, and turns darkness into light. In the middle of each ring lies the source of life, disguised in melancholia. As the rings move around, in search of contact with a living element, they spread radiant shades and shine.

Is there nothing else to comprehend from this painting? One might ask.

Perhaps not. The conversation of rays, lights, and colours is enough to delve into a world of optimism, where dark souls can see the incandescent nature of life.

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