A bird and a girl fly into the night – Fly me to Paris by Daria Petrilli

Fly me to Paris by Daria Petrilli

A bird and a girl fly into the night. Through the stars and the wind, they whirl. The bird follows the dreams of the girl who points at things, and the directions she envisions in her mind. The bird, a pure product of her imagination, is coloured in navy blue, its eyes translate the generosity of its heart, and the transparency of its wings show its devotion to its master for the night.

Barefoot in her white airy polka dotted dress, her eyes half-closed, her dark hair undone and contrasting with her pale porcelain skin, the girl holds on tight to the bird as she is decided on not letting go. She has dreamt too many times of going to that place, and in so many dreams she has failed to reach her destination. It has been her fault. She has been scared of falling from the wings, and has been waking up terrified in the middle of the night. Eager to travel to fantastic places in her dreams, she has been ready to fly each night, closing her eyes, warm enough in the sheets and making sure she trusted her companion for the night. The navy-blue bird has always shown up, ready for new adventures with the girl. They have learned to know each other well and she now only has to move her body for the bird to understand where they are headed.

She thinks about going back to her dream during the daytime, every day;wishing the sky was getting darker sooner, and her eyelids were weary enough to drift into the magic of her dreams.

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