Anyone – Portrait of Marquis d’Afflitto by Tamara de Lempicka

Portrait of Marquis d’Afflitto by Tamara de Lempicka

With one hand holding his leg, the other laying on the grey sofa and one finger elegantly raised, the man imposes his power and dominance. He offers a dramatic spectacle to anyone coming his way. His triangular upper body shape andlarge thighs suggest that this man takes care of himself by using the gym several times a week. The high level of education he has received, blended with his close, mundane social circle translates the image he wishes to communicate. Confident presence cladded in quality suits, and imposing postures can only mean wealth and taste, the highest values at the heart of his life and the one he believes anyone should reach.

Anyone in sight is potentially prey, financial or sentimental. Life is a game and he seduces, attracts and rejects whoever comes his way without scruple, yet with ferocity. The lines of his face are sharp and translate his personality. His eyes, dark and unapologetic, freeze his recipient to the point of diversion, forcing them to look anywhere but directly at him. That’s how he knows that he has impacted someone. More than appearance, the eyes translate feelings, sensations and reactions, and in this case superiority. He might come across as a rich and obnoxious individual, but he is, in reality, endowed with shrewd intelligence and cunning observation.

This man masters the art of acting, he has found for himself a character which completely blends with his surroundings and vision. Supremely talented, he can hardly differentiate his masquerade from anonymity.

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