A snow fall in the middle of spring – Orchard with Flowering Trees, Spring, Pontoise by Camille Pissarro

Orchard with Flowering Trees, Spring, Pontoise by Camille Pissarro

The leaves, branches, and flowers have been standing still for hours, immobile, and disciplined. They contribute to this landscape of white petals reminiscent of a snow fall in the middle of spring. The few smaller trees are organized in circle, surrounding the bigger tall tree facing the village perched on the hill. All of them sport their best attires and spread their branches as a welcome to the new visitors. The sky takes part too, ordering the creamy pale clouds to move around its blue pastel tone to create an original composition. It is creative that way, always blamed for the clouds, the rain and snow, it is nevertheless always giving its best to appear heavenly to the wandering eyes looking up on a breezy, cold day. It is only morning and there haven’t been much passers-by. Nature ignores time and space, and therefore wouldn’t know that today in Sunday. Still conscious of its appearance to the villagers, it stands proud and ready to be admired with OH’s and AH’s.

‘It’s been at least one whole day’, one of the smallest tree naively thinks out loud. Innocent and impatient, it sighs but remains in a steady position. ‘Now hold on little one!’ the tallest of all the trees exclaims, ‘it shouldn’t be long until we meet our first visitor’. The flowers, bushes, clouds, and the sky nod, looking at one another. Nature is sweet, on this early spring morning.

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