Now under her blue umbrella – Couple sous la pluie by Chagall

Couple Sous la Pluie by Marc Chagall
Couple Sous la Pluie by Marc Chagall

In the middle of the night, a couple stands by the door of a house. He took her back home after they had dinner at her favorite bistro, and watched his favorite jazz band play. To end this perfect night, they have decided to walk to her house.

They didn’t notice until halfway the thin drops of rain coming from the starlit sky. If time had evanesced from their dreamlike shared moment, so had everything else around them. For a couple of hours it was just them, in the immensity of the universe, they felt alone.
She wears her multi-coloured dress, the one with the green flowers layered on the purple background. He wears his grey suit, the one he bought for the occasion. Considerate of her happiness, he wants to let her shine, and she does so, not only with her personality but also with anything she wears or possesses. Now under her blue umbrella, he looks at her and smiles, thinking of the good times they shared and the many more which are coming their way.

Little creatures are hiding behind the house. They have gathered to witness this romantic evening. Each of them pray it will end a kiss. In the darkness of the night, they wish something will shine bright to illuminate their lives, to give them hopes and dreams to aspire to.


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