It’s Triangle – Dynamic Suprematism by Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich, Dynamic Suprematism
Kazimir Malevich, Dynamic Suprematism

It’s Triangle galloping in the blue sky. Made of geometrical shapes, it advances by a mechanical process. The same way a human being would use its joints to move its limbs, or a car would use its frame to activate its wheels, the chap uses a rectangular system to trigger its legs. It operates with 2 lower limbs, one located on the right side, the other one on the left. The right one is remnant of a quadruped, the front leg folded in two, provides the necessary length to reach the ground. The back leg is smaller, also bulkier, it allows the body to rest for a fraction of a second until the front leg is ready for a new stride. Triangle’s walk is bumpy and funny to watch. Not funny in a mean way, but in a compassionate way. Where is Triangle going? It seems to be on a mission.

It must be hot, it is wearing a cap (it’s the brown line above the blue mini triangle, which is actually one of the mechanical system attaching the arm to the body). Triangle is a part of a species which does not enjoy heat, it’s not good for them. The heat compresses its little heart, the tiny pink, microscopic circle located above the two dashes. Sometimes it gets half this size and Triangle gets scared. What if it disappeared completely? Triangle is too young to die, has too many passions, and a life too full of joy to leave this world now. That’s why it wears a cap and checks in sometimes with its heart.
“Are you there?”
“All right, just checkin’”
And so Triangle goes on with its life, galloping in the blue sky.

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