BAM BAM, CLICK-CLACK. Nude Descending a Staircase No-2 by Marcel Duchamp

Nude Descending a Staircase N0 2 by Marcel Duchamps
Nude Descending a Staircase N0 2 by Marcel Duchamp

BAM BAM BAM. CLICK-CLACK. CLICK-CLACK. The naked woman is coming down the stairs. BAM BAM. Her steps are loud. We can hear her from afar. She is light as a feather. BAM BAM. But bold as an army stepping towards its enemy. CLICK-CLACK. She turns, moves, and rotates on herself freely. Nudity does not slow her down. BAM BAM. She is not concerned of our judgmental eyes. CLICK-CLACK. Now she is on her toes. Is she still there? BAM BAM. Certainly, she plays with us. She creates envy and curiosity. BAM BAM. Her head pivots from left to right and vice versa. She is an automated character, a creature which we will never encounter anywhere else. CLICK-CLACK. CLICK-CLACK. At times her hands are on her hips, others, they are in her hair. She charms and attracts, this lady. BAM BAM. Her presence manifests by her steps. BAM BAM. Without a word, only by her presence. She is shrewd. We hate her. BAM BAM. But we secretly love her. CLICK-CLACK. The entire neighbourhood is alert, has paused their activities to hear better. BAM BAM. Her life is a mystery. All we know is that she comes down the stairs. BAM BAM. Naked. CLICK-CLACK. Once a day. We wish we could meet her. BAM BAM. Too afraid, we are. BAM BAM. Our hearts beat fast. BAM BAM. Our breathing accelerates. BAM BAM. SHH! No more sounds. CLICK. Our hearts pound. BAM. One more step maybe? CLICK. No. BAM. Disappointment! BAM. Sadness. CLICK. She’s gone. Until tomorrow.

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