The Felted Room – La Source by Picabia

La Source by Francis Picabia, 1912
La Source by Francis Picabia, 1912

It’s a mosaic of unexpected colours; earth, cement and geometric cut outs. Underneath those parts there seems to be an image in hiding, which recomposed, would be mesmerizing. It has been dissected and reorganized to delude its spectator. The panel of colours gives a sour taste to the entire composition. The eyes wonder over the salmon, peach, rust, grey-blue and the shadows created by an imaginary sun illuminating this landscape.

I see an eye watching me, individuals running around with their long legs, and flowers opening up their petals. I see pebbles lying on the moving ground, and the face of an eagle watching the right side of the canvas. Watching “La Source” is remnant of the sounds of Stravinsky’s “The Fairy’s Kiss” score. It’s a scrimmage of acute sounds, sometimes enhanced by lighter notes, but which always comes back to a grave, serious, and continuous tonality.

The painting looks like a felted room, isolated from all the noise coming in from the outside world. It is a cocoon. All the different shapes existing in the room act as protection from threatening phenomena, invisible ghosts, and menacing spirits. The space welcomes anyone who wants to take a break from the nonsense and chaos of their inner and outside lives.

What a relief to have that room available! Upon entering, the mind stops wandering and takes a break from thinking. The meditative process has been switched on, no ebbs and flows, emotions are constant, and I can finally admire the beauty of this room for what it is, a constellation of spark and joy.

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