Finding the shareable – The Art of Conversation by Magritte

The Art of Conversation by Magritte, 1963
The Art of Conversation by Magritte, 1963

“You see, it’s like I told you before, there is really not a right way to do this. If you take a single moment in our lives, not one is perfect. I have told you this before, but you never wanted to believe me, the twins are like the master of one’s mind, one evil, the other good. I told you this before, were you here when I did?”

“I’m not sure, I think we had this conversation before, about the peacock and the rooster hanging together near a pond. Are you talking about that?”

“Hum, I think so, but anyways, about that car which was stopped in the middle of the road, did you know it belonged to Mr Davis? In the end, we found out. Was I with you or with someone else?”

“That’s unlikely, I don’t know Mr Davis, and I am not sure if that’s relevant to this story. What if I told you that a cake is always best when it’s frosted? I like it sprinkled with chocolate too. But then it’s monochrome. Like a Dalmatian. Do you know what I mean?”

“I wouldn’t know, I can hardly distinguish coffee and chocolate. They taste the same to me. Isn’t that crazy?”

“Ha! You make me laugh, it’s good to laugh. It’s a better state than being asleep. When the alarm goes on, there’s no one else to talk to. You are awake in the middle of the bed, and with no one to talk to. You know that feeling?”

“I know I can be quite humorous sometimes. I can be quite dramatic too. It’s interesting how things have no end or beginning,how a conversation can be turned around and how two people can have nothing in common and still exchange ideas for hours.”

“I like the idea of taking the time to do things, it’s like…when…you must know what I mean…”

Two men, both wearing bowler hats, one walking with a cane, the other pointing his finger up in the air to make his point, are having a conversation. They were following a road and then scattered, mimicking the subject of their discussion. They could have parted and each gone their own way, finding that their conversation was too evasive. They decided to hang on and keep talking to one another, confident that they would find a subject or feeling that they both shared. We don’t know to this day if they found a common ground. Perhaps they are still trying to figure it out, perhaps they are still hanging on to this idea that people must try their best before giving up on each other, or perhaps they find it agreeable to stand in the clouds, talk about anything, away from everything. It’s nice sometimes to let go and jot anything that comes to mind on a piece of paper.


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