Everywhere, Everything, Everyone – While by John M Armleder

John M Armleder, While, 2016 © John M Armleder
John M Armleder, While, 2016 © John M Armleder

Out of a violent and  passionate anger, colors have been spattered onto the cream canvas, now inhabiting the surface of this painting. A dramatic scenario has occurred. As splendor and energy emerge, I am drawn into the ferocity and despair of the feelings hidden deep down in the meaning of the shapes and colors. A grey, black, and pistachio color scheme gives a sense of darkness to the abstract forms reigning in the center of the piece. Not a single interpretation of the structure comes to mind. It’s an expression of a state, a profile established through colors and resonance instead of the usual first name, last name, date of birth, and nationality.

The signature of a  disillusioned individual, mad and looking for answers everywhere.

His quest for inner-peace is unstoppable; for his own happiness, he is willing to question, doubt, and reassess his entire life, his thought process, and his vision on everything.

Several brushstrokes and paint thrown and spouted in a million different spots are revealed, paraphrasing the infernal monologue which exists in anyone’s mind. Too frightening to be unveiled by some, a relief to lay out for others. Paint on canvas is self-expression available to everyone.

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