Never Alone – Wanderer above the sea of fog by Caspar David Friedrich

Caspar David Friedrich - Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog
Caspar David Friedrich – Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog

A foot on a rock, leaning over a cliff, thoughtful over the clouds, a man is standing still. His velvet navy jacket matches well his hair-style and his noble presence. He holds in his right hand the cane that helped him straddle the rocky road leading to where he is now. He often comes to this site, it’s his favorite one. Amongst the sky and the tip of the rocks, he feels like he owns the world. Life has not been tender to this young man and his appearance oftentimes misleads the ones who hastily judge too fast.

Today the air is barely breathable and a fog has come down, creating dense heap of clouds flirting with the rocks. As he contemplates the spectacle that nature has put together in front of him, the lord feels calm. The reassurance presence of the trees on his right connected to the serenity of the mountains on the horizon speak to his soul. It is telling him that whichever harmful adventure he is experiencing, he will always have the grandiose Earth to protect him. This thought makes him cry. Away from human presence, he feels valued and taken care of. His life matters, and before coming here he didn’t understand that. The warm teardrop running down his face onto the uneven ground where he stands seals his attachment to his destiny.

He steps back. Mesmerized by the beauty of nature and the secrets it has unveiled, he promises himself to remember that there is no stronger bond to life than the spiritual language. Always in his heart, he can never be alone.

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