The arrival of the Queen of the Night. Stage set by Karl Friedrich Schinkel 

Karl Friedrich Schinkel, The Magic Flute
Karl Friedrich Schinkel, The Magic Flute

The Queen of the Night has arrived. Demonstrating her supremacy to the world, she salutes the crowd by gracefully lifting her left hand  to the sky. As she deploys her body a multitude of small stars appear, and as they twinkle merrily, form a dome around their Queen. She has traveled on the crescent moon, guided by the clouds and the brisk wind. Her presence illuminates the surroundings. She advances calmly and slowly into the night, wearing a black gown and a cape enhanced with trims and dots made out of glitter. Her crown humbly set on her frail face is comprised of star dust and leaves sparkling traces in the sky.

Everything about the Queen correlates with this inevitable moment where the darkness takes over daylight and imposes its color, silence, and reassuring presence, for the Queen never leaves her children alone in the shadows. Her vision is a blessing. The stars, her malicious accomplices in the moonlight, shine and gleam, giving light to the fearful nature inhabiting the earth. Humankind, animals, plants, and other creatures know the ritual passage of the Queen of the Night and her sincere wish to protect them from nightmares and night terrors. In the tranquility of the moment, when the sky turns dark and the spirits quieten, she advances high into her heaven, sending her children magic and serenity.


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